Wednesday, April 30, 2014

fresh from the oven...pull-apart sausage rolls with melted cheese

Hello readers!
So, today I went into the kitchen to bake this pull-apart Sausage Rolls with Melted Cheese.
I thought of this idea from a recent family gathering where I found out that the kids enjoy sausages & cheese so, I decided to combine the two & create this pull-apart sausage rolls & melted cheese. 
The individual pieces are bite sized & perfect for a light breakfast or snack. 
Once, I gave this to the kids it became an instant favorite due to the unique combination of sausages & melted cheese.

I hope you would enjoy your day as I did, baking.

Thank you for stopping by

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  1. Hi Shien, this look very yummy!!! what type of pastry do you use for this dish? Cuddles Jay x