Wednesday, April 23, 2014

fresh from the oven...a family recipe

hello readers!
Today I was in my kitchen baking up some goodies!!
So first off we have some Cheese Buns.

So a little backstory: my mother used to be a baker and she made quite a variety of breads and buns to sell and of course for her kids to eat too. This particular bun, the cheese bun was both a favorite to the customers and the family. My siblings and I grew up waking up to the scrumptious smell of cheese buns. My mother has long retired from baking but this particular bun and it's scrumptious smell has embedded itself in our memories.

In these past few months I've been digging through my memories of helping my mother bake cheese buns in an attempt to recreate it. With a little help from my sister and a few taste tests I was able to recreate the cheese bun.

Next we have the Cinnamon Rolls.

Just recently I found out that during his stay in America the cinnamon rolls quickly became my husband's favorite bread. But sadly here in Surabaya we hardly find anyone who sells cinnamon rolls    and I wanted to be able to make them. So after some trial & error, I finally can bake some  cinnamon roll that fit our tastes and everyone said was delicious. To top that off I sprinkled on some glaze.


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