Thursday, July 19, 2012

my display area & a card by my daughter...

today I just wanted to share my small displaying area. It's on the second floor of my house and it's on the hall way precisely. 
It's where I put all my crafts supplies & tools and a place where I do my projects.  

There on the top left of the shelf, I also displaying my daughter's first cross-stitch. She made it 2 years ago when she was 8 years old. And it's become one of her activities during her holiday or spare time.

Last night while her friend came to our house, they spent the evening by making some cards. And there is her card in the middle of the shelf...the white card with Gnome on it... Can you spot it?
It's a simple card and she is soooooo proud with it and said "It's the best card I made so far..."

She also decorated at the inside of the card with the matching view...
She colored the image using Copic which is one of her favorite coloring tools now

She just not satisfied with her coloring...
and's a bit messy... but by practicing more and more I'm sure she can master it

thank you for visiting
Shien Shien


  1. Neat display area!!!

    Awesome card!

  2. Very interesting display, all of them looks beautiful..thanks for sharing :)